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The Unknown and NF

One of the things that I often get asked or people want to know is how we deal with the unknown with NF. Specifcally, the concern of knowing that while may everything may be good today, that could change tomorrow. To be honest, we have never thought of it that way. I think that could be anyone's situation, not just a person with NF. It's not to say we don't think about it, but when we do, we use it more as a reminder to make sure we make the most of everyday. If there is one positive we have taken away from this, it is this. Take the trip, enjoy the birthdays, love life and try and find away to make each day special. No doubt, we went through the whole, "why us" process but we quickly removed ourselves from that and decided that we were going to fight. We always told each other that we were going to fight and do whatever it took to make sure Colin and others affected have everything they need . Our approach was and always remain optimistic, keep it positive and don't dwell on what could be around the corner.

Last year, Colin became a big Michigan football fan. September 9th, we will be there at there home opener. Colin will be there, along with big brother Dylan and hist best buddy Carson. Yes, I questioned whether or not we should go when I looked at game tickets, airline tickets, rental and hotel. But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought how important it was for us to "take the trip". Looking forward to being with him at the "big house" and cheering on Michigan.

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