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Caddies For Colin, Year 6

Unfortunately there will be no tournament this year because of all of the uncertainty around COVID-19. No doubt it stings because now is the time of year when we start gearing up for the tournament. Every year I worry whether or not we are going to be able to do it again, worrying about how many golfers we are going to get and how many sponsors we need. Usually those fears are put to rest pretty quickly because we usually have 75% of our golfers and sponsors signed up within the first two weeks. I am going to really miss this tournament this year for many reasons but the one that sticks out the most are the people. I really enjoy this day because it is the one time where everyone comes together (family and friends) for one cause. I also love seeing all the people talk with Colin and make sure he is doing okay. I think the one year we all needed this tournament was this year, just to get a little piece of normalcy back in out lives. With that said, the great news is that the Children's Tumor Foundation has started to make a breakthrough with treatment as one was really approved by the FDA. I can't wait to tell of our sponsors how they are making a difference. As for Colin, he continues to do well, which makes me extremely happy.

$500,000 is something that we are so proud of but if you ask me today, the goal is $1,000,000 minimum and go from there. Outside of the money, we have made bigger impacts. This tournament has allowed us to tell our story and we meet fantastic people each year.

I will be blogging much more about Colin and his journey over the next year so everyone has a better idea of his challenges. We are going to DC in a few weeks for his annual check-up. Prayers up for my man Coli!!


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