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Caddies for Colin year 5

Wow, I realized it has been a few years since I blogged but here we are year 5 in our tournament. I am proud to say that after this year we will have contributed something close to 500K!!! I love coming back to Jersey to due this tournament because not only is it a great day, it gives us a chance to see family and friends. All good news on Colin as he continues to do well in and out of the classroom. He is the starting center on his football team and they are currently 5-0. I am so proud of him and there and the joy I get from seeing him play is special. I know how hard he has worked and how hard it is for him. I talk to him all the time about NF and I explain to him that because of it, he just has to work harder than most kids. In the long run, building such a strong work ethic is only going to help him!!! He is already starting to become an inspiration to those with NF!!

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